President Trump: ‘Я серьезно нужна помощь, Путин.’

President Trump: ‘Я серьезно нужна помощь, Путин.’

WASHINGTON D.C. — Whispering under his breath during an interview today, President Trump surprisingly spoke in perfectly fluent Russian according to our Russian White House Correspondent, Vasiliy Vinogradov. When our correspondent asked for the President to repeat what he said, all he responded with was a confused look.

We would report on what that quote means, but Vinogradov, whenever confronted, stares through the window in his office facing a vacant building and responds with a panicked “No.”

Regardless of what the quote means, we here at APR have a sense of pride that the President is pursuing knowledge. As the president, Trump has a busy life and for him to make time to learn a whole other language for leisure shows great character. An inspiration for all, truly. Kids across the country can look at Trump as a signal for what they can do when they dedicate time to a fun activity.

If our president can lead the country and culture himself at the same time, there’s truly nothing we can’t do!

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