NASA: Seven planets potentially harboring life discovered 40 light years away, all believed to suffer from global warming

PASADENA, CA —  NASA today has announced the groundbreaking discovery of four, Earth-like exoplanets orbiting a star 40 light years away. Additionally, the agency also has announced that all of the planets are suffering from very severe global warming.

The sad state of affairs of one planet is clear in this one picture alone; The planet doesn’t even have any grass left on it.


Photos like the one above shows just how drastic the situation is for the entire universe. Human activity has been so impactful throughout the cosmos that these poor creatures that may or may not live on this exoplanet are now facing extinction on mass scales.

This announcement was initially rumored to be a positive one, but the grave nature of what NASA has announced today is a reminder that society must work to change.

The search for life in the universe has gotten much more exciting because the planets, orbiting a red dwarf, are in the habitable zone of their star; that doesn’t matter, though. Even if there were animals, they’re probably dead because of human-caused global warming.

We reached out to NASA for comment and Kimberly Carrillo, a researcher at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, expressed extreme confusion about it all. “I honestly don’t understand how we managed to get pollution to travel 40 whole light years, but we did.”

Carrillo is hopeful, though. “It’s easy to look at this whole situation in a positive light. If we managed to pollute a planet we’ve never been to, I’d imagine us going there isn’t long behind!”

Others have expressed doubt that humans could have caused global warming on an exoplanet. Judith Schulz, a conservative columnist for several LA newspapers, says that this kind of thing happens in waves.

“If you look at the data, this kind of thing happens over thousands of years. The universe heats up and then it cools down. There’s truly nothing to be worried about,” she told us in an interview today.

Regardless, the fact is that these planets are warming. The life is dying if it’s there, and if it’s not there we’ve already killed it. Society as a whole must reflect on the consequences of the actions we take on a day-to-day basis. We should be ashamed that an alien species of tree is extinct now, assuming it existed in the first place.

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