American Public Radio News (APR News) is an independent news organization based in Minnesota with a strong dedication to capturing most of the truth. It’s very troubling that the news media today is so obsessed with getting everything right all the time, when we’re sure it’s much easier getting some of the things right most of the time. We honestly just think that our promise is easier to keep so it’s harder for you to call us liars.

Since we started however many centuries ago or something, our dedicated team of semi-professionals have been reporting on the stories that really matter and that the mainstream media just won’t talk about. We will always make sure to be the most unbiased source of news you’ll find on the internet (unless, of course, one side is obviously right).

Our mission at APR is to show you what’s out there. Assuming “what’s out there” is what our algorithm says you’ll click on and share.

American Public Radio News: Tune in, Read up, Fall in line.

This site is very obviously satire and for entertainment. All names on the site were generated using fakenamegenerator and any similarities to any people, living or dead are coincidental. If you needed that explained, you’ve got issues distinguishing fantasy and fact. You should get that checked out. Also, get off of the internet. It’s dangerous for people like you.