WASHINGTON D.C. — Obama gave advice to the month-old administration earlier today that is resonating with much of America.

“Do like I did with them,” Obama wrote in a letter to Trump, “Just bomb them.” The former president added that a ban makes the anti-Muslim agenda too obvious and that the public is okay when you kill Muslims because, “you can’t have rights taken away from you when you’re dead. So just kill them so nobody can complain that they have ‘less rights’ or whatever.”

The letter is admired by those on both sides of the political spectrum. In a recent Pew poll, 78% of America expressed worry about taking rights away from a specific group, but was okay if that step was skipped and they were just killed.

Some today have expressed worry about this, saying that this may be a slippery slope to perhaps eliminating other groups of people; those worries are usually quelled shortly after when the point that Muslims aren’t technically human is brought up.

The memo sent to the Trump administration is a very important reminder in this very divisive and polarized time that America’s fear and hatred of Islam is a bipartisan issue.

Trump’s team is reportedly happy to have received the letter from the former president. One staffer told APR earlier today that the administration is glad to have the support and guidance of Obama in Trump’s attempts to continue what the Obama administration set the groundwork for during his tenure. “We always have known that this issue is one that all Americans care strongly about and we’re happy to have Obama’s blessing while we strive to keep going with his vision for America.”

An encouraging point of agreement in a world where it seems that nobody can agree.