NASA: Seven planets that could harbor life discovered 40 light years away, all believed to suffer from global warming

A big announcement from NASA; Exciting news laced with bad news

PASADENA, CA —  NASA today has announced the groundbreaking discovery of four, Earth-like exoplanets orbiting a star 40 light years away. Additionally, the agency also has announced that all of the planets are suffering from very severe global warming.

The very sad state of affairs of one planet is clear in this one picture alone; The planet doesn’t even have any grass left on it


Photos like the one above shows just how drastic the situation is for the entire universe. Human activity has been so impactful throughout the cosmos that these poor creatures that may or may not live on this exoplanet are now facing extinction on mass scales.

This announcement was rumored to be a positive one, but the grave nature of what NASA has announced today is a reminder that society must work to change.

The search for life in the universe has gotten much more exciting because the planets, orbiting a red dwarf, because all of the planets are orbiting in the habitable zone of their star; That doesn’t matter though. Even if there are animals, they’re probably dead because of human caused global warming.

We reached out to NASA to get a comment and Kimberly Carrillo, a researcher at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, expressed extreme confusion about it all. “I honestly don’t understand how we managed to get polution to travel 40 whole light years but we did.” Carrillo is hopeful, though; “I think it’s easy to look at this whole situation in a positive light. LIke, if we managed to pollute a planet we’ve never been to, I’d imagine us going there isn’t long behind!”

Others have expressed doubt that humans could have caused global warming on an exoplanet. Judith Schulz, a conservative columnist for several LA newspapers, says that this kind of thing happens in waves; “If you look at the data, this kind of thing happens over thousands of years.The universe heats up and then it cools down. There’s truly nothing to be worried about,” she told us in an interview today.

Regardless, the fact is that these planets are warming, the life is dying if it’s there, and if it’s not there we’ve already killed it. Society as a whole should reflect on these actions that we take on a day to day basis and think about their consequences. We should be ashamed that an alien species of tree is extinct now, assuming it exists.

NASA: First mass shooting on moon to happen by 2040

NASA/NRA Joint Statement:”Lunar Massacre” should be a good one

HAMPTON, VA — In a joint statement this afternoon with the NRA, NASA’s Langley Research Center in Virginia has announced that the first mass shooting on the moon will take place by 2040 “at the latest”. For decades, NASA’s efforts to achieve moon colonization have been negligible, but today’s statement is seen by many as a great step forward for the agency.

The statement outlines a several point plan crafted by the two organizations to ensure the “adequate social climate for a shooting on the moon of a semi large to large size to happen”. The methods of achieving such a climate are ones that will be gradual, but will “most definitely be the quickest and most effective ways we can think of to pull it off”, according to the press release from today. Along with the guns already being provided to those chosen to live NASA’s upcoming colony on the moon, the NRA is working with the government agency to conduct background checks to, “ensure those going to the moon and getting guns are definitely mentally ill and primed to ‘do it’, if you know what we mean,” according to representatives from both organizations

Kent Moore, President of the NRA Civil Rights In Space Defence Fund, a subsidiary of the NRA, exclaimed after the announcement that he is, “relieved that Americans get to maintain such a fundamental part of the American dream, even on the moon. Why would we allow for a generation to grow up without that vital aspect of daily life?”

The impact of this pledge is resonating with many Americans who have felt wary of space colonization because of the possibility of restricted rights on those colonies. “In America,” Lamar Neilson of the Lunar Rights Foundation told us, “the odds of dying in a mass shooting are unparalleled anywhere else in the world. It’s just part of being an American.” He continued, saying, “Americans on Earth shouldn’t be treated differently from their lunar counterparts. At the Lunar Rights Foundation, we refuse to stay silent on this and we’ll fight for Americans on the moon to live in the same fear of a random mass slaughter Americans on Earth experience.”

Dawn Willson, strong critic of the statement and former member of her local elementary school’s PTO, has come out calling it “a disgusting outrage” shortly after its release. On her private blog she, and many like her, declared her rage stating that, “This nonsense press release falls way too short of what I wanted. Are you guys kidding me with this? 2040? It’s flooring that we’re going to be waiting that long for something that I think is just common sense. My kids are expecting mass shootings. I’ve gotten them prepared. I’ve put fear in them. And now we’re going to be sitting around for more than 20 years?”

She and others have pointed out, rightfully so, that we must be thinking of the children throughout all of this. As Americans, we at APR News agree that we need to strive as a society to make sure this central tenet of American life isn’t sacrificed on any future space endeavors. We left our flag on the moon as a mark that America has a presence there. We need to go back and leave a mark of our culture.