MINNEAPOLIS, MN — A local gay couple, Jerry and Francis Jameson, has decided that they will be taking their transgender child, aged 16, to conversion therapy. This is in order to repair what they told us is the “degenerative brain dysfunction of transgenderism.”

Their child, who asked remain unnamed but his name is Thomas, is going through a phase where he believes that he was born in the wrong body and would like to someday go through surgery to correct for this.  For now, he dresses in such a way as to appear female and acts as a woman as well, like requesting his employer to pay him 23%, which they’ve graciously accepted.

Jerry and Francis are not quite convinced that such a thing is legitimate. They believe that their child has been brainwashed by media and the internet. We sat down and spoke with the fathers of the 16-year-old in between episodes of Glee, and asked them specifically what they found to be so wrong with being trans. Jerry tells us that Thomas is just really gay and doesn’t want to admit it.

“What’s happening is that he’s gay and in denial to such a point where he wants to become a girl so he can call himself ‘straight.’ You know what I mean? It’s not a real thing. It’s just a kid’s way of telling us he’s really gay but he doesn’t know exactly how to say it. I know me and my husband didn’t raise our child this way.”

Francis, who himself was taken to conversion therapy and was not changed by it, believes the treatment doesn’t work for gay people, but surely must work for trans people. He told us during a commercial break for Glee that it doesn’t work on gay people because being gay is fine, but should work well for trans people because they’re amoral degenerates.

The conversion therapy for Thomas, who again reminded us he didn’t want to be named as we left his home, is set for next month and he’s absolutely devastated.

Francis tells us, though, it’s all an act. “It was very clear through the fake tears that there is a boy just trying to weasel his way into girls bathrooms at the end of the day, and it’s disgusting.”

Happy Trans Visibility Day from LGBT Voices and the whole APR staff!

UPDATE: The family has received push back since this article being posted from groups claiming to be pro-trans. After some research, it has been found that all have been trolls, as there are no actual people who are pro-trans.


For the inaugural post of APR’s LGBT Voices, we’re bringing you the short but very heartwarming story of a young teen named Jimmy Kline (shown above on far left in a childhood photo where he’s a bully still in the closet), who finally gets the chance to harass his classmates the same as his straight friends.

Jimmy has been struggling with his identity for most of his life, and was nervous to come out to friends and family because he was worried he couldn’t pursue his goal to be a dejected member of society; not because of his sexuality, but because of his inclination to assault and harass others. We got to speak to Jimmy and he told us just that.

“When I’m older, I want to be a sad man who has trouble connecting with others because of a problem expressing myself. I want to be open about who I like though too! I shouldn’t have to hide that! Why does a reclusive bully have to be straight in our modern time?”

His parents, Amy and Francis Kline, are in support of their son’s sexuality and are proud to have a child who is breaking stereotypes.

Friends of James tell us that they were skeptical that someone gay could beat a kid up for wearing the wrong shirt to school that day, but they were all pleasantly surprised when he followed through by knocking out a kid wearing a green shirt that definitely clashed with his shoes.

Stories like this happen everyday where kids discover their true selves like and become comfortable in their skin.

This is exactly what APR’s LGBT Voices is all about. Stay tuned for more!

Black+LGBT logo (COMBO)Today we are proud to announce “APR Voices,” a platform for different segments of America to voice their opinions and discuss what matters to them, but nobody else.

We are starting the project with two “Voices”: Black Voices and LGBT Voices. For many years, the struggles of these two groups have been hidden in our country, but with the advent of the internet, their battles are becoming mainstream.

Now, what you may be thinking is that we are creating these “Voices” to allow people from those communities to speak up about their issues and talk about what matters to them to people who perhaps don’t have that perspective. That’s not the case. We’re doing this because our numbers show that we’re losing the black and gay crowd, so we’re pandering to them by providing an echo chamber for their views where they think they’re being listened too by mass audiences, but they’re actually just talking to themselves.

But don’t let that put you off! We’re the good guys here! Just think to yourself, is CNN doing this? Thought so. This is definitely pandering, but pandering is better than ignoring.

Stay tuned for future Voices, such as: Female Voices, Illegal Immigrant Voices, Canadian Voices, Alt-Right Voices, and many, many more!