MINNEAPOLIS, MN — At the Children’s Hospital today, Andrew Terrell, 8, was saved from a nasty fate this morning. Ready to be pronounced dead by doctors, a close family friend’s last-ditch Facebook post is what rescued the boy. According to a source close to the situation, the post said, “We have you in our thoughts and prayers, Drew.”

It was that post, according to Pastor Robert Toth, that saved little Andrew’s life.

Pastor Toth told us that the power of prayer is a strong one and shouldn’t be overlooked. “Today, thoughts and prayers are thrown around so liberally, but their strength can’t be understated. And this situation is just a reminder of that,” he said in a written statement today. We reached out to the poster of the life-saving Facebook and she told us in a phone interview, “I forgot to actually pray, but, hey— glad I could help!”

Dr. Raymond Hardy, a specialist at the hospital who claims to have performed CPR on the child moments before the miraculous recovery, says that he is shocked by the outcome. “We usually don’t expect such a powerful and meaningful gesture to save a life, especially for a kid who nobody likes a whole lot,” Dr. Hardy told APR. “I thought the CPR was what did it, but when the parents were raving at how happy they were for the thoughts and prayers that saved their son, what else is one to think? It wouldn’t make much sense if I wasn’t getting credit for it if I actually had done anything meaningful.”

Thoughts and prayers are an important part of any recovery process, according a representative from the Children’s Hospital, and without them countless kids would die prematurely by hours or a day or two. Additionally, when thoughts and prayers are sent through Facebook, their impact is substantially increased.

“Doctors have always been a last resort, and we want to keep it that way,” said Pastor Toth. “Prayer comes first and, if you can help it, make sure it’s the only step you take. In my research, doctors inhibit a true connection between the ill and God.”

An important lesson learned in all of this, indeed.