EDIT: This post is no longer live (11:00pm) 


(Times are in Central time)

9:02pm: Keith Ellison gets no applause when introduced

9:04PM: Tom Perez has a pretty nice tie and has a lost voice

9:05pm: Ellison calls republicans bad people

9:09pm: Someone we don’t know the name of claims we’re “marching toward fascism”

9:10pm: Pete Buttigie comes out as pro-draft

9:11pm: Never Forget

9:12pm: Jaime Harrison, clearly ripping off Obama, uses lots of hand gestures to make an unimportant point

9:13pm: Peter Peckarsky has trouble coming up with anything good about Democrats

9:15pm: Ellison: “I’m not anti-semitic! I’ve got Jewish friends! I know their history!”

9:18pm: Token black audience member pronounces the word “Latino” in a way he never does in casual conversation

9:20pm: Jehmu Greene vastly overstates how scary Trump is

9:23pm: Sam Ronan is wearing a pretty cool vest!

9:24pm: Perez, not to be outdone by others, over does hand gestures to dodge question

9:26pm: Harrison steps up game by using a pen in hand along with hand gestures

9:27pm: Peckarsky claims that disenfranchising people from voting is “wrong”

9:28pm: Pissed off Perez yells “b-word” at Cuomo

9:29pm: Perez claims his crackly voice is the voice of working class America

9:31pm: Greene disqualifies herself after saying the words “online voting”

9:32pm: Ellison: “I don’t like federal government”

9:34pm: Sally Boynton Brown: “The federal government has too much power”

9:36pm: Greene claims no person can be illegal, quickly flips through thesaurus to find the right word

9:42pm: Perez incorrectly asserts that Clinton is popular

9:43pm: Perez: “We need to rig the primaries far in advance”

9:44pm: Ronan: DNC was rigged; Cuomo askes Perez if Ronan is correct, dodges

9:45pm: Brown shills her website

9:47pm: Harrison’s verbal tap dancing gets standing ovation

9:48pm: Greene: The elections were rigged, but the general election was extra rigged

9:49pm: Dana Bash suggests Clinton is going to run again, huge laugh in the crowd

9:52pm: Peckarsky also shills for website

9:54pm: Buttigie sneakdisses Ronan on hacking skills

10:01pm: Ellison supporter asks question about “bleeding votes” to Republicans

10:02pm: Buttigie: “Ummm.. I dunno…? Talk to them…?”

10:03pm: Old wounds are opened when Dana Bash pulls up electoral map

10:05pm: Ellison claims that there are “conservative democrats”; Neglecting the fact that Americans are either one or the other

10:07pm: Ellison borrows from Trump, claims he didn’t say what he definitely said

10:09pm: Buttigiege incorrectly claims that there can be civil discussion about guns

10:10pm: Brown wants to foster an inclusive environment in the DNC by ignoring white people

10:12pm: Ronan: “Get rid of money”

10:13pm: Perez wants to invite a millennial to a dance

10:14pm: Greene, whose only credential is writing some book, panders to millennials

10:16pm: Harrison answers question by repeating question without the question mark

10:18pm: Harrison actually makes a pretty solid point about state parties

10:20pm: Perez wants to go to “school on it”. further driving home his dance metaphor

10:21pm: Bash pours salt in wounds she opened by pulling up another map of how awful Democrats lost this last election

10:22pm: Peckarsky says the real problem is we have a lot of problems, shills for site again

10:26pm: Considering asking my doctor about Otezla….

10:28pm: Ellison foresaw Trump win, did nothing about it

10:30pm: Buttigieg discusses high school from the trans perspective, even though he’s definitely not trans

10:31pm: Brown womansplains to Cuomo

10:33pm: Perez gives shout out to our hometown of Minneapolis

10:34pm: Cuomo sandbags with question about why he wasn’t at the Women’s March

10:35pm: Ellison lowkey says that the “real work” isn’t marching, later says the Women’s March wasn’t a big deal

10:37pm: Harrison pulls out planner, rattles off schedule

10:38pm: Harrison made his son cry

10:28pm: Greene is rattled why the debate is focusing on 100% of the population

10:41pm: Perez has tons of lobbyist friends. Seems pretty proud of it too…

10:42pm:Peckarsky short circuits live on stage!

10:43pm: Brown, who seems way too frustrated when answering all questions, continues womansplaining

10:45pm: Perez and Ellison’s dinner: No deals were made, Perez picks up tab

10:46pm: Cuomo sad he wasn’t invited to the dinner

10:47pm: Buttigieg invites Perez and Ellison to cheeseburger date in his hometown

10:52pm: Dana Bash to all candidates: “Why should you be DNC Chair?”

10:52pm: Peckarsky: “So the Russians don’t put another hack on us”

10:53pm: Ronan: “I’ve got a spine”

10:54pm: Brown: So little girls have a roll model…? Or something…?

10:54pm: Greene: *irrelevent*

10:55pm: Harrison: “Party building! I’ve hosted several in my house just this week! And a fighter! I got in a fist fight just this morning! And I’ve been homeless! And on food stamps”

10:57pm: Buttigieg: “I’m basically everything you could want in a guy”

10:58pm: Ellison: “I’ve won the most here. All I do is win”

10:58pm: Perez: “We need someone who can communicate,” he said with his lost voice