MINNEAPOLIS, MN —  Christopher Hunt, 19, is a local man who has been making ‘music’ in his home for a few months but refuses to learn any music theory. This hasn’t stopped the man as he has just pretended that it’s actually super cool, “If you just look at it from a different point of view.”

The music Hunt makes on his computer has nothing a musician would call substance, but that doesn’t deter him. In fact, he digs his heels in and asserts to his listeners —friends who he won’t stop sending his SoundCloud to— that the music is more of a full-body experience and that they wouldn’t get it.

For three months Hunt has been pretending to make real music as a hobby to distract him from his job as a writer for a local newspaper.

“I haven’t written shit in months, but I did figure out the metronome in Ableton wasn’t working because the cue volume was turned all the way down. So that’s neat.”

The first song the Minneapolis man posted to his page was a 16-minute recording of Hunt playing all of the black keys on his keyboard, followed by a loop of his mom yelling at him for not doing the dishes.

When asked how that qualifies as a ‘full-body experience,’ he requested we leave his corner of the basement. His mother let Intern Anthony stay for dinner.